Moving Tips: Vehicles

You may ask your mover for a quote to move your vehicles along with your household goods or if you only need to ship a car please use our Vehicle Shipping Service. Depending on the circumstances (size of shipment, time requirements, etc) your mover may advise that your vehicle be loaded onto the moving van, or that it should travel separately via a third party service. Should you choose to look into moving your vehicle yourself, here are some tips to follow.

When comparing the price from several vehicle transport companies, you will need to consider the following criteria.



The transport carrier should provide insurance against damage or theft and should provide you with a copy of their policies. It is important to have in writing if the carrier’s coverage is primary or secondary to your own insurance and to have the deductible options in writing as well. Check with your insurance carrier to see if your vehicle would be covered while being transported by a carrier. Also note, it is a common practice for a vehicle carrier not to insure the contents of a vehicle other than necessary items such as a spare tire and jack. All other items should be removed unless you are confident your home policy coverage would cover any loss or damage.


When the transport company picks up your vehicle, a Vehicle Condition Report must be completed and signed by you and the driver. This report will include the pickup date and location, delivery address, make, model, color, mileage, vehicle identification number and a detailed report on the condition of the vehicle (i.e. dents, scratches, rubs, paint condition, cracks, etc.). A copy of this report should be given to you before the vehicle departs. You will want to keep a photocopy of your registration and insurance paperwork for the vehicle in the glove compartment.