Storage Tips

Small Appliances

Pack in factory boxes whenever possible and cushion with packing paper or bubble wrap.

Large Appliances

Since you’ll need use of your major appliances right up until the day you move, prepare them last and load them first on moving day:

Consult your user’s manual for specific moving and safety instructions.


Disassemble beds and mark pieces so they’re easy to put back together. Tie bed rails together with rope or tape. Wrap mattresses in a plastic mattress cover.


Pack them flat in small cartons that weigh no more than 30lbs. Alternate bindings, and cushion with packing paper.


Hang clothes in wardrobe boxes or plastic garment bags. Pack clothes in boxes or in dresser drawers if dresser is not too heavy to move. Be sure to strap or tape dresser drawers closed.

Wrap fragile items like ceramics with bubble wrap and tape securely.


Hang in a garment bag or a wardrobe box. Put each window’s curtain rod and hardware in a sealed plastic bag.


Never stack dishes flat. Wrap each piece in bubble wrap. Pack dishes, saucers and platters on their edge. Nestle cups and bowls. Cushion with dishcloths or paper.


Wrap separately in bubble wrap and or use plenty of packing paper for cushioning.


Pots, pans, colanders, etc. can be nestled and cushioned with packing paper between each piece. Set aside the most essential cookware for the first few days in your new home. Label this box as the first to be opened once you arrive.


Pack shades in individual boxes with bubble wrap or foam peanuts. Wrap bases in bubble wrap and pack them in boxes. Disassemble standing lamps if possible.

Mirrors and Artwork

Small mirrors can be wrapped in bubble wrap and packed in boxes. Large mirrors and paintings should be wrapped in paper, covered with cardboard, and braced with wood.

Outdoor Furniture

Disassemble parts and place hardware in plastic bags. Tape each to its corresponding part. Tie disassembled pieces together.


If you can, remove legs and extra leaves. Pad them and tie them together. Tape hardware (in plastic bags) to the underside of table tops. Protect smooth surfaces with cardboard or blankets.

Tools and Gardening Equipment

Pack hoses and small tools in boxes. Tie rakes, shovels and long-handled tools together.

Upholstered Furniture

Cover with plastic or a drop cloth. Tip sofas on end to save space, but place on cardboard or wooden pallet to protect the fabric.

Wooden Furniture

Wrap exposed wooden arms and legs with plastic, paper, or bubble wrap. Cover them with plastic or a drop cloth.